Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Grand Plan Blog Tour May 20-June 17

Starting tomorrow, Dini and Maddie and Dolly and Co. will be touring the blogosphere!

We invited Terry Hong, the Smithsonian's resident BookDragon, to join us on the blog tour but she said she couldn't wait that long to ishq-ishq with Dini and Maddie: "I was just so giddily excited about it, I had to share a bit early!!"

Review snippet:
"Thanks to Dini’s excellent direction, Krishnaswami’s newest production is most definitely a well-scripted, energetic, serendipitous delight."
From Friday, May 20 to Friday June 17, 2011, The Grand Plan to Fix Everything will be featured each weekday on a different blog.

I'll lead off tomorrow, May 20, with a guest post on Reinventing Your Children's Book Writing Career on Cynsations.

Most of the tour will be one-blog-a-day, as our famous-famous star Dolly Singh, being the sensitive type, gets easily fatigued. But May 25 will be a VCFA Day on the Grand Blog Tour with four Vermont College bloggers participating.

If you've read the book, you know that Dolly drips jewelry--literally! On selected Grand Blog Tour days, we'll be offering some special giveaways. These will include signed books as well as an assortment of Dolly's baubles: A bookmark here, a necklace there, bracelets, bangles, and more. Stay tuned.

May 20: Cynsations
May 23: conversations on writing, illustrating, designing and promoting The Grand Plan on Got Story? Countdown
May 24: PaperTigers
May 25: Grand VCFA Day
May 26: review at Mother Daughter Book Club; interview at Mother Daughter Book Club
May 27: Everyday Reading
May 30: From the Mixed-Up Files of Jennifer Bertman
May 31: GreenBeanTeenQueen
June 1: interview at The OWL for YA and review
June 2: Brown Paper
June 3: review at Shelf Elf; guest post at Shelf Elf
June 6: From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle Grade Authors
June 7: YA Book Nerd review and guest post
June 8: Drift Record
June 9: Write Now
June 10: The Pirate Tree
June 13: cover comments on Jacket Knack and more on Scribbling, Still... plus weekend book review on the PaperTigers blog and a review on BookPeople's Book Kids
Jun 14: Mitali's Fire Escape
June 15: Generation Ginger
June 16: Le Loop
June 17: review at The Brain Lair
and last words on reading like a traveler at The Brain Lair
Thanks to the PR goddesses at Blue Slip Media, to Atheneum Books for Young Readers, and of course to all the bloggers taking part in this virtual event. The rose petal milkshakes are on me!


  1. You KNOW I have no patience!!! Hee hee ho ho! Have a fabulous blog tour indeed!

  2. A serendipitous delight indeed! Hooray Uma!

  3. What fun!
    Your story seems the embodiment of what a good story does: takes me away on a cloud of excitement to somewhere familiar and strange at once.
    The music in the trailer was just right too.

  4. Thanks, Nina and Tami. Today, we have illustrator and art designer interviews on Got Story? Countdown: