Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tu Books, Now an Imprint of Lee & Low

I'm thrilled, thrilled, thrilled to hear this news! I've been following Tu on the web since they launched their spunky little fundraiser last year and beat their goal.

I've read about Stacy Whitman's dreams and plans and ideas on her Grimoire (i.e. /grim 'war/ a textbook of magic). We've spoken in tandem at Through the Tollbooth about that Multicultural word. I've read her interviews with Cindy Pon and that other fabulous Cynthia -- yes, that one, whose Eternal just debuted at #5 on the NYT bestseller list!

A toast to Tu Books and to Lee & Low. I can't think of a better partnership. In my opinion, 2010's just begun looking up.


  1. Thanks, Uma for helping us spread the word. Tu will be a great addition to what we do. Thanks again.

  2. So excited about Tu! And thanks for the shout out, Uma! I'm honored!