Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shen's Blog on crossing cultural borders

Shen's Blog is running a six-week series, Crossing Cultural Borders, that explores the world of multicultural children's literature. It's an interesting and intelligent exploration. It calls on us to rethink the little box, beautiful and lacquered as it might be, in which multiculti books are so often placed and then forgotten. Here you will find reflections on portal fantasies, varying concepts of home, the notion that having more than one home is normal. You'll find a re-landscaping of the hero's journey (about time, I say!), American boys abroad, discovering roots, and much much more. Thank you, Emily Jiang.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Updates and Downloads

Mitali Perkins has been busier than a First Daughter on the campaign trail. First there was the trailer. Then the character blog. Now First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover is out, a fun summer read that touches on a few serious issues and invites young readers into the dog-eat-dog world of political ambition.

Anjali Banerjee's Looking for Bapu morphed into Bringing Back Grandfather in this edition from Penguin India.

And finally, unrelated to anything currently in print for young people, but I can just feel the stories that lie hidden in this history! Courtesy of Sepia Mutiny, here's an amazing BBC documentary on the history of indentured labo(u)r: Coolies--How Britain Reinvented Slavery.