Saturday, April 21, 2007

Updates and Downloads

Two new novels to look for:
Mitali Perkins announces the June release of her forthcoming teen novel, First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover, from Dutton. About a Pakistani-American girl whose dad is a Presidential wannabe.

At the end of the nineteenth century, a caravan of traders sets off from the high hills of Kumaon, India, for Tibet. When young Debu's father doesn't return, he travels in search him. That's the premise of Deepa Agarwal's new middle-grade novel from Penguin India, Caravan to Tibet.

I'll be looking for both of these.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Conversation with Michelle Superle

Michelle Superle, writer, teacher, and post-graduate scholar in children's literature, is currently facilitating a virtual conversation among four writers of Indian origin: Anjali Banerjee, author of Maya Running, and Looking for Bapu, Devika Rangachari, author of Growing Up, Company for Manisha, and other titles from Children's Book Trust, Santhini Govindan, who was the first writer from India to be invited to the Highlights Chatauqua conference, and me.

Two of us in India, two of us in the United States and Michelle in England, we're still finding connections. Once we get going, Michelle might have to move into the role of Whip-cracker and Cat-herder!