Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blog Tour, Day 4: The Problem With Being Slightly Heroic

I am not usually tempted to go read reviews of my books on Amazon, but a friend recently sent me an e-mail suggesting I go take a look at the kid reviews of The Grand Plan to Fix Everything. I did, and one mother and daughter post warmed my heart.

It was a short read, but the laughs lasted quite a while longer after the book was closed.
I also liked how the book had not only Dini's point of view but the view-points of Lal the mail man, the director and Dolly herself. It was a really cute book and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.
Now and then I come across adults who wonder if kids will get these shifting viewpoints. Yes. Exactly.

Writers can pretend they're oblivious to audience, that they write from inner spaces that have nothing to do with potential readers. But audience matters when you write for young people. It matters a lot. In the end, reviews and blog posts are just ways to get a book into the hands of the child who needs it. Just the way I needed books when I was ten years old and hungry for the worlds that they allowed me to enter.

Today, we have a guest post about Dini's dad on The Compulsive Reader. Thank you, Tirzah Price! Here's Tirzah's review of The Problem With Being Slightly Heroic.

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