Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blog Tour, Day 2: The Problem With Being Slightly Heroic

Today, a guest post by Maddie, Dini's best friend, and a giveaway on a blog that's as friendly as it's informative: There's a Book. "Because sometimes there's a book that can transform a child's world."

Quick peek:
As many of you know I adore middle grade novels, especially those featuring original storylines and standout characters. Well, The Problem With Being Slightly Heroic by Uma Krishnaswami is one that will standout in my mind for years to come. 
I got a fan letter yesterday, the first one for this new book. A real letter, in an envelope, all the way from Florida. I picked it up from the PO Box and read it straight through. "The books about Dini you wrote were very exciting," writes my correspondent. "I want to write books when I grow up."

The letter made me smile. Books can touch us in real and magical ways. They touched me years ago. At its best, when it works, writing sparks other writing. It's purely delightful that something I wrote drove a ten-year-old to put pencil to paper, because back when I was ten, that was me!

And watch this blog for the trailer for The Problem With Being Slightly Heroic, to which finishing touches are being placed at this very minute by the talented Laurel Kathleen and Cooper Appelt.

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