Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blog Tour, Day 11: The Problem With Being Slightly Heroic

We should have been on The Brain Lair yesterday with Alana, the sous chef in the bad-tempered Chef Armend's kitchen, but Alana was...well, missing. As Dini knows all too well, it's very annoying when characters in a fillum don't do as they're told. Happily, she showed up this morning, so here's today's Brain Lair post on how even minor characters can play significant roles in a story.

Meanwhile, my fabulous VCFA colleagues Kathi Appelt, Susan Fletcher and I are headed to Texas next month for a book launch party with all three of our books and a workshop at The Writing Barn. Yee ha! Dini and Dad are looking forward to it. Dad's brushing up on his cowboy idioms. 

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