Monday, July 08, 2013

Octopus Alone

Divya Srinivasan's charming first picture book, Little Owl's Night, featured a wide-eyed young owl in a dark forest.

Her second, out recently from Viking, brings the same kind of gentle whimsy to an ocean setting. A contented octopus watches a whole lot of chasing going on, as she peers out of her safe and cozy cave. When the seahorses intrude, she ventures out, and we're off on a nicely paced adventure with just the right amount of mildly scary possibility mixed in. Lucky for Octopus, she has a secret weapon!

Deceptively simple and visually appealing, Octopus Alone carries subtext related to safety and comfort, and making your choices about them. The book should lend itself well to repeated readings. Just for starters, the end-papers alone deserve some dedicated perusing.

Watch the trailer here 

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