Saturday, April 13, 2013

Drop Everything and Read Month

Thank you to Joy Chu for cueing me in.

Drop Everything and Read Day, begun in honor of Ramona Quimby's creator, Beverly Cleary, is now Drop Everything and Read Month. Ramona fans will get the allusion from Ramona Quimby, Age 8. Thirty-two years after the publication of this Newbery Honor book we are firmly in the age of Core Standards. Teaching goals and testing calendars threaten to "eat readers"(Ramona fans will get that reference as well). Dropping everything to read seems like a call to action that anyone who cares about literacy and kids ought to get behind.

This month Beverly Cleary, the beloved creator of Ramona, turned 97. Here's a video interview in which she's speaking to Ilene Cooper.

It's a simple, elegant idea, and can't you just see Ramona thinking her way toward it in that classroom? Really, from "run" to "read" is not such a big mental stretch. Drop what you're doing and read. What a terrific concept! What will you drop in order to read? You can send your ideas and photos to the nice people at HarperCollins
Me, I'm planning to drop some seeds in the ground today. Then I'll pick up a book--a real book, with pages that need to be turned by hand--and settle in for a good read. Sigh. Can't wait. 

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