Saturday, October 01, 2011

Still more on the Washington DC trip: Barbara Brooks Wallace Interview to Come

When I read books like Leonard Marcus's Dear Genius, I always feel jealous of those writers who entered our field in its "golden days." You know, back when Ursula Nordstrom ruled children's books at Harper and Row. Those days. So when I talk to writers who worked with some of those editors of legend, it always makes me feel as if I can somehow touch those days, catch a little glow of another time for myself and use it to warm my own little corner of the writing universe.

Photo by Sally Canzoneri
In the virtual world of emails and bulletin boards, Barbara Brooks Wallace has been a colleague and friend for years. So on this trip to Washington DC, I was delighted to be able to snatch an afternoon to go meet her in person.  A more detailed interview will follow on the Children's Literature blog, but here's a picture for starters.

Thanks in spades are due to Sally Canzoneri for navigating DC and VA traffic to get me there and back so we could still be on time for a quick dinner before the Takoma Park Maryland Library event. Of which (the event, not dinner, although that was grand too) more soon, as soon as a few pictures arrive.

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