Monday, August 15, 2011

Process Talk: Conversation Ahead with Joanne Rocklin

I've been trading e-mails with Joanne Rocklin, author of One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street, which caught my fancy because like my own middle grade,  The Grand Plan to Fix Everything, it derives its momentum from many stories intersecting in a single place. It breaks with some of the same conventions, while the same kind of energy seems to hum at its heart.

In both books, a number of narratives of children and a host of eccentric adults, intertwine and are brought together by a narrative voice that spans past and present, and can hop nimbly between places and people.

Joanne and I are digging into questions about process and trust and how you keep going--all that good writerly stuff. Look for more as we find themes that connect our thinking about the writing of these books.

And check out One Day and One Amazing Morning.... Among other things you will never look at an orange construction cone in quite the same way again! Here's an audio excerpt:


  1. Uma, you described the connection between our two middle grade novels so wonderfully!

  2. Thanks, Joanne. More to come as our email conversation carries on at its own pace.