Monday, June 20, 2011

The Grand Plan Blog Tour, Day 22: Reading Like a Traveler, The Brain Lair

And so we come to the final day of this 22-day marathon blog tour for The Grand Plan to Fix Everything. It fits nicely with the PaperTigers Reading the World challenge.

The Grand Plan begins in Takoma Park, Maryland, a small, quirky community with its own unique flavor and sense of architecture and art and culture. It straddles the District line, so like everything in the book, even the place that Dini and Maddie call home is a fusion all its own.

This is India?
So is the place Dini goes to in India. Swapnagiri. Means Dream Mountain. It's a fictional place but it's based on several real small towns in the Nilgiris. Nil=Blue. Giri=Mountain or Mountains. Blue Mountains.

Where's the Taj Mahal?

Hey, I came to see palaces!
 Today at The Brain Lair, last thoughts on the mindsets we bring to reading books set in particular places with particular cultural contexts. If they're unfamiliar to us, should we read them like tourists? Or travelers? Inspired by this NPR interview with Pico Iyer and Paul Theroux on making travel meaningful.

Thank you to all the bloggers who took part in this tour. Permanent links to all the blog stops on The Grand Plan BlogTour will be up here in a few days.

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