Friday, June 10, 2011

The Grand Plan Blog Tour, Day 16: Coincidence and Metafiction at The Pirate Tree

The Pirate Tree is a collective of children's and young adult writers interested in children's literature and social justice issues.

Now I realize that on the face of it Dini and Maddie and Dolly may not seem to be aware of, much less interested in, social justice. But wait a movie minute! There is Sampy, the watchman who longs to learn to read, and Dini, you know, steps right up with a plan! Dini is nothing if not large-hearted, and did you think that the Everything in the title was just there for a joke or what? More on coincidence, metafiction, and the joys of diversity today at The Pirate Tree.

We...see how knowing Dini and being immersed in her culture has enriched Maddie’s life. This is a major benefit of diversity—by getting to know people from other places and cultures, we enjoy all of the wisdom and creativity that people the world over have to offer.
Take a breath. We're off for the weekend, back Monday for the final week of The Grand Plan Blog Tour, starting with Jacket Knack, where the conversation is all about book jackets.

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