Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Grand Plan Blog Tour, Day 15: Minor Characters and Voices in Dialogue at Write Now

Like many of my students, Paula Kay McLaughlin has kept in touch with me since she took my classes. As part of my teaching in those classes, when students posted work in progress, I often did as well. So Paula read some of the scenes in The Grand Plan to Fix Everything when, let's just say, they were a bit ragged around the edges. Today on Write Now, she asks me about minor characters in the book, and voices in dialogue. The post includes a draft of a passage that's not in the book and a picture of my running character notes/visual plotline.
Here's another exercise I discovered by adapting what Darcy Pattison calls a shrunken manuscript. Tip: it helps to be in that lovely category of middle age where if you stand up and place material on the floor it is possible to read it but if you hold it under your nose it's all a big blur.
Tomorrow, Day 16 of this blog tour, The Pirate Tree.


  1. Thanks for the interview over on Write Now, and for the plotting aid info here. You're the one who first taught me all about white space and how to use it. I look forward to trying this shruken ms technique, too.

  2. You're welcome, Paula. And thanks for joining the Grand blog tour.