Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Grand Plan Blog Tour, Day 14: Best Friends Day at The Drift Record

Today, June 8, is Best Friends Day! I wouldn't have known if Julie Larios hadn't pointed it out.

If you don't know Julie's blog, you're in for a treat. Julie's a poet, a master of the playful and whimsical, a juggler of words and riddles and imagery and shape. In a starred review, Booklist says of her Yellow Elephant: A Bright Bestiary, From "a green frog / on a green lily pad" to a "gray mama goose" and her "gold baby," the animals featured in these well-crafted poems flash with color and emotion. Julie can extract the odd from the ordinary, the elegant from the elusive. She's one of those consummate wonderers who can open doors to the varied, shifting forms of words.

I'm so lucky! I get to chat over a cuppa at Julie's virtual kitchen table today, at The Drift Record. I just wish I could strike "virtual" out and make it all real.

More on the real and the imagined, tomorrow on Write Now.


  1. Lovely interview, Uma! I imagined being in the same room with you and Julie. It made me smile and laugh.