Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Grand Plan Blog Tour, Day 10: Review at Brown Paper

Canadian writer Niranjana Iyer posts about Dini and Dolly and Co on her eclectic writing and books blog, Brown Paper. Scroll through the blog for more children's and YA material, romantic suspense, Canadian books with a Japanese connection, and more.

And oh my! What a funny, energetic, just plain grand not-a-review review Niranjana (don't call her "Niru") has written of The Grand Plan to Fix Everything! It includes The Grand List of Everything Specially Indian about the book, and a thumbs-up to Abigail Halpin on that very funny image of Dolly dancing in dreamland.

Also up this morning, on the special-access blog Engage/Teacher to Teacher, for members of the International Reading Association, an interview with Cynthia and Greg Leitich Smith. Yes, you will need to be an IRA member to access this blog.

And finally--oh, I can hardly stand it!--another grand review on Shelf Elf, to be followed tomorrow by a guest post on the place of dreams and dreaming in this story.

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