Monday, June 27, 2011

ChLA 2011

Thank you to the organizers of the 2011 Children's Literature Association conference held at Hollins University June 23-25. What a packed, busy, stimulating three days!

The highlights for me:
Finally, because I promised, here is the list of books I referenced in my Diversity Panel paper, No Joke! How Humor Subverts and Interrogates the Imperative of Assimilation in Middle Grade Novels

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Pictures to come.


  1. It was a wonderful pleasure to meet you!! It was an even greater surprise to come back home, and, in the process of emailing the fascinating information you'd shared over lunch to my friend Anjali, to discover that you were also one of the authors featured in the conference (there was way too much going on or I might have figured it out earlier and, most importantly, bought your lovely book and asked for your autograph).

    In any case, I have already browsed through your blog and your beautiful website and I'm sure we can continue our acquaintance virtually and, perhaps at ChLA conferences for years to come! :)

    (and this post + your links to various people reminds me that someday I have to have a website & blog in which I use my full name & don't just blog semi-anonymously as I've been doing for 6.5 years -- that's one of the "scars" from my academic life. Oh, and my husband's concern for privacy since I share WAY too much of our lives in the blog).

    P.S. Anjali may contact you because she was considering Vermont for an MFA program!

  2. Hi Lillian! It was a delight to meet you. Yes I was wearing two hats at the conference, teaching/critical writing hat and writing children's books. But I'm very glad you've discovered my blog. Do keep in touch. I'm happy to talk to your friend as well.

  3. Thanks, Uma. I will work my way through the archives, that's what I do with most blogs I begin to follow. It's even more exciting if I've met the blogger "in person" before (which is usually not the case, my "bloggy" relationships are mostly virtual and then lead to "blogger meet-ups"). I will encourage my friend Anjali to get in touch with you!

  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.