Monday, May 30, 2011

The Grand Plan Blog Tour, Day 7: Memorial Day post on Creative Spaces

Jennifer Bertman's blog takes readers into the creative spaces of writers. I had fun browsing through previous posts. See Laura Resau's trailer and Rosanne Parry's treehouse. Spot the VCFA sticker on Janet Fox's laptop?

Since my "creative space" often becomes as messy as my mind, I was a little worried by this request: Photos? of my office? You don't really want photos!

But looking at my work space turned out to be an interesting exercise. It made me think about why I work the way I do, and where I choose to work at different stages of a story's development. On Day 7 of the blog tour, Jen's readers get to visit my office and some of the extended spaces where I write, revise, and think about story. The post includes Part 1 of a video sequence recorded at my local library. 

An additional link: While this is not an official blog tour stop, a nice interview with Jessie Grearson is now up at the Kirkus blog.

Tomorrow, GreenBeanTeenQueen hosts a tour stop with Part 2 of that library video. That post will include homage to libraries past and present including one from 40 years ago.

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