Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Grand Plan Blog Tour, Day 3: Fictional Places and the Fictional Dream on PaperTigers

PaperTigers, a Pacific Rim Voices project, embraces multicultural books from all over the world, with a special focus on the Pacific Rim and South Asia. In addition, their Spirit of PaperTigers outreach project provides donations of new multicultural children's books for schools and libraries, while engaging with local communities to obtain access to clean water in areas of need throughout the world.

It's my privilege today, on the fourth anniversary of the PaperTigers blog, to stop by for an interview with Marjorie Coughlan. Marjorie is the PaperTigers editor, and a parent, teacher, and doctoral student in art history. We talk about dreams, reality, P.G.Wodehouse, worlds within worlds, and chocolate, all relative to the writing of The Grand Plan to Fix Everything.

And I see that Corinne is representing PaperTigers in Singapore this week at the Asian Festival of Children's Content. A shout-out to AFCC attendees--go to Chris Cheng's session on marketing and enter for a special giveaway on this blog, starting May 26.

Tomorrow, four blogs with VCFA connections spotlight four different aspects of the book.

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