Thursday, May 05, 2011

And the first six Skype Visit winners are...

Over at From the Mixed-Up Files...of Middle Grade Authors, the Mixed-Up Middle Grade Skype Tour is on its first outbound trip! Six middle grade authors will virtually visit their winning schools, libraries, and community groups:

A busload of thanks to those making this happen: To Tami Lewis Brown who, in keeping with her forthcoming road novel, The Map of Me, is the virtual Skype Tour driver. (Tami's a VCFA alum, by the way--I just like saying that. It makes me smile!)

Thanks to the authors who are volunteering Skype visits and organizing the tour (this stuff takes work!) and of course thanks to all those who played.

Speaking of which, keep playing. Another round of free Skype author visits is waiting to be won.

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  1. My third grader has a girls' book club and we've been trying unsuccessfully to get an author or illustrator to visit one of our book clubs so we are thrilled. I asked the moms if we should give to the teacher or keep for the book club; it was unanimous...keep for our kids' book club. We take a summer hiatus so we are excited to do in early Fall!! Yay! Thank you!