Monday, March 07, 2011

Connections: Teaching, Writing, History, and Maharajas

The occasional Updates and Downloads posts on WWBT will now be titled "Connections". Just because that makes more sense. It's all about revision.

Niranjana Iyer of Brown Paper posts about the Maharajas exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Amazing images, some that hold to stereotypes of India's former royals, and others that challenge them: here's Chand Bibi shooting with her ladies. More dazzling images here including the 1934 Phantom II Star of India Rolls Royce.

Oh, but this is loaded history indeed.  Niranjana comments on that as well in her post, an angle you won't find on the official site.

Far from thrones and jewels, but on the equally dazzling Cynsations blog, I'm interviewing Mark Dahlby about his pioneering work establishing Writers On the Net/ as the very first web site to offer writing classes on the internet. Sixteen years and going strong--thank you, Mark!


  1. Thanks for linking, Uma. I do think it was a difficult balancing act for the AGO--after all, Canada celebrates and actively nurtures its connection with the Empire, making for a very different perspective on colonialism. But for those of us acquainted with other versions of this history, it was a very noticeable omission indeed.

  2. Of course, and in truth, it's a little disconcerting for me to see that omission in 2011, 100 years after the Delhi Durbar!