Friday, February 11, 2011

A Few Last Thoughts on the Food Chain From Jules at Seven Imp

I can't think of a more suitable blog to have the very last word on Katherine Hauth's blog tour with her book of culinary delight in the animal kingdom, What's For Dinner: Quirky, Squirmy Poems From the Animal World, illustrated by David Clark and published this month by Charlesbridge.

Here it is, the concluding post from Seven Impossible Things for Breakfast (Why Stop at Six?) affectionately known to chilldren's book bloggers as Seven Imp.

Thanks to all who took part in this blog tour, and to Charlesbridge for their coordination. Congratulations once more to Katherine on this masterfully crafted book.

I'm delighted to have been part of the journey, and honored to be a member of the Autodidactics group that kept the table laid. In a manner of speaking.


  1. This blog tour has been a wonderful journey for my critters and me.
    Thanks for introducing me to the talent and energy in the writers' blogging community.

    A trailer yet to come....

  2. Happy to be along for the ride, Katherine. And I too look forward to the trailer.