Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Conversation, Mid-Residency, with Rita Williams-Garcia

Rita talks about the origins of One Crazy Summer. When you set out to write fiction drawing on memory, she says, it's crucial to do so intentionally, starting on page one.



  1. Rita had once advised me on this very thing- not to rely on factual reality in fiction. Just because an event happened in real life does not mean it belongs in your story. Keep the character's and story's needs in mind.
    As for diaries, I recently found a journal entry written by my 12-year-old self. My mom had kept it in one of her art books. Interesting to see what I had written, and interesting to find out that my mom had kept it. I think I'll go back and read it again.

    Thanks for sharing Rita's story, Uma.

  2. You're welcome Frances. How wonderful that your mother saved that journal entry.

  3. Oh, this is wonderful! I'm sending it out to all the VCFA Bat Poets.

  4. What a great story! A childhood diary from such an historic year as 1968--how rich is that! Thanks for sharing, Uma.


  5. I agree, Kelly. I was very lucky to be able to nab our Rita for a few minutes of her time (and she was very generous in giving those minutes to me) in the middle of her starry residency! Kate, do send out to Bat Poets and anyone else who may be interested.

  6. Thanks to Kate for giving us Bat Poets a nudge to visit your blog, Uma. How fun to hear Rita (and your voice) remotely. Now I'm wondering what I've done with all of my old diaries. They might even be here in my attic... Hmmm...