Sunday, June 27, 2010

OOTW Blog Tour, Day 7: Plot Whisperer, CLCD, and The Drift Record

Martha Alderson, who works with plot, confesses to having done a double take upon her first reading of Out of the Way! Out of the Way! What makes it work? she wondered. Where's the plot? Yes, well, it is an odd little book, that way. Martha offers her very interesting insights into the book and its story at Plot Whisperer for Writers and Readers.

Children's Literature Comprehensive Database is a subscription database containing thousands of reviews of children's and YA books, and with hundreds of institutional subscribers. You've probably seen their reviews in B & N and Borders online listings. I've reviewed for them since back in the print newsletter days. Today, the CLCD blog posts an interview with a focus on writers and the building of community.

In light of which it seems only right that my dear friend and VCFA colleague Julie Larios should get the last word. She and I led the picture book workshop together in the early days of the picture book semester at VCFA: a pure delight. On this final day of the OOTW blog tour, Julie raises questions about the passage of time in the book, and the challenges of achieving simplicity and avoiding didacticism. The answers are up at The Drift Record.

Note: A great many thanks are due to everyone who took part in this virtual tour. The archives of all these posts together form a far-reaching conversation on the nature of the picture book: its writing, its illustration, a host of craft and production decisions, its effect on readers, the implications of word choice, the interplay of text and image, and more. Who would have thought such a slender little book would grow quite this many conversations?

Namaste, and thank you all.


  1. Thank YOU for writing the book, Uma! =D

  2. Ditto what Tarie said, Uma - the book is wonderful (as is its author!)

  3. Thanks Julie and Tarie. My local SCBWI chapter has an e-lerts list with news for writers and illustrators. It usually includes a quote or two.

    Here's today's; it's perfect for this week of posts.

    "Many children, perhaps because they themselves are small and closer to the ground than we, notice and delight in the small and inconspicuous...." Rachel Carson

  4. Thank you, Uma for a wonderful blog tour and an incredible book! I've enjoyed reading all the conversations.

  5. Hi Uma, I wanted to let you know "Out of the Way! Out of the Way!" in Tamil arrived yesterday. I can hardly wait until Christmas when I will give it to my son-in-law. Part of the deal will be he has to read it to me. 8-) So unless I break down and give it to him next time he's over, I have a long wait ahead of me before I enjoy your words and story.