Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blog tour next week: Out of the Way! Out of the Way!

Dear readers, writers, parents, teachers, artists, book enthusiasts, and dear friends all:

Next week, a dozen bloggers in the US, UK, India, and the Philippines, will all feature the new picture book from Tulika Books, OUT OF THE WAY! OUT OF THE WAY! written by me (Uma Krishnaswami) and illustrated (yes, it's true) by artist Uma Krishnaswamy. (Note the one-letter difference in our names, which of course does not get picked up in the 8 Indian language editions of the book.) Chaos and cheerful disorder abound in OUT OF THE WAY! OUT OF THE WAY! as a boy, a tree, and a road all grow together. I hope you'll enjoy the journey as much as I have.

If you'd like to follow the blog tour, please check back here on this blog for each day's links starting Monday, June 21.

The posts will include children's responses to the book, videos from classrooms on two continents, interviews, art notes, writing process, translations, and more. Your comments on the book and the blog tour are always welcome.


  1. Sounds fun, Uma. I look forward to the tour!

  2. How much fun!
    I'm excited.
    I'll be sure to mention it in my blog and give a link--hopefully send a few more people over to join the party/tour.

  3. Thanks Paula and Sarah. I'll be in Toledo speaking at a summer institute for teachers when the tour begins, so I'll be following it from there. It's fun to think of the spaces we can inhabit simultaneously because of the Internet.

  4. Wonderful Uma. Can't wait to read the book myself, then order it for the library. Sounds like a perfect Story Hour read--I look forward to hearing my young crew join in the chorus!