Monday, May 17, 2010

Singapore Connections, Part 4: New Crayons

Color Online features a new meme, asking: What's new on your shelf? What books did you get recently in the mail, at the library or the store?

Well, I'm still in transit, so this is the suitcase edition. And because these are books I picked up in Singapore, it's also the AFCC/Singapore connections edition:

Flint, Shamini. Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder. Platkus, 2009.

Flint, Shamini. Inspector Singh Investigates: The Singapore School of Villainy. Platkus, 2010.

Guha, Soma. Mahabharata. Vol 1, The Game. Scholastic India, 2007.

Guha, Soma. Mahabharata. Vol 2, The War. India, 2007.

Lee, Jin Pyn. The Elephant and the Tree. Running Press Kids, 2009.

Nayar, Nandini. What Shall I Make? Illus. Proiti Roy. Tulika, 2009.

Rangachari, Devika. Harsha Vardhana. Scholastic India, 2009.

Shah, Idries. The Boy Without A Name. Illus. Mona Caron. Hoopoe Books, 2007

Tendulkar, Vijay. Five Plays for Children. Trans. Ajay Joshi. Scholastic India, 2008.

Wee, Jessie. Supercat. Gemma Books, 2003.

Multiple author anthologies, no author or editor named:
Be Witched: Stories of Witches and Wizards.
Scholastic India, 2008.
Science Fiction Stories
, Vol 7. Scholastic India, 2007.
Superhero: The Fabulous Adventures of Rocket Kumar and Other Indian Superheroes. Scholastic India, 2007.


  1. This is such a great list, Uma! I'm making a note of these titles, and will get some for my kids' school when we get to India. Can't wait to get there. Hope the final leg of your trip goes smoothly!

  2. Thanks Nandini. I wished there had been more titles from South East Asia, but that in a way is the whole thrust of the Book Devt. Council. I worry that they are taking the fast track to publication and fancy media and not paying enough attention to craft but that as you know is my whole song and dance!

  3. We got a lot of the same books at the festival! Did you see the table with books from the Philippines? This July, the winners of the first Philippine National Children's Book Awards will be announced. I can send you some of the winners if you'd like. :o)

  4. So we did, Tarie! I'd love to see the winners! E-mail me and maybe we can do a book trade--I'll send you a box from the US and you can send me Philippines titles.