Sunday, May 16, 2010

Multilingual Publishing - Walking the Tightrope

I want to say something about the translations (into Hindi and Tamil anyway, and maybe Bangla--the ones I have some slight access to directly or indirectly) but before that it might make sense to share this slideshow from Tulika Books, the publisher of Out of the Way! Out of the Way!


  1. Oh wow. What a great treat from Tulika. Yes, all they share in this slideshow is so very true. Multilingual books are so needed, all over the world, in all cultures.


  2. I really love this presentation!!! It's so informative and inspirational. =D

  3. Uma, I've finally taken some time and read this carefully, not just skimming. It says what I believe about languages - and I especially love the idea of translation not just "representing" but "re-presenting." Thanks for pointing me to it!