Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tea With Chachaji

In the small world department: last month, in Albuquerque, I had the pleasure of meeting Robin Burrows (in the picture) and her husband Jeff. They're the parents of Raja Burrows, who's playing the male lead in Tea With Chachaji, the musical production of my 2003 picture book published by Children's Book Press, Chachaji's Cup.

And because I like to think about how things began, here's the cup that helped spark the story in the first place.


  1. I wish wish wish I could see the musical. I think it is wonderful that the story will be performed on stage.

    What a beautiful tea cup!

  2. Hi Uma!

    Oh, I love seeing the source of inspiration! You never know when a story is going to start whispering in your ear, do you? And how fabulous is it that Chachaji will be a musical! I would so love to see it with you and UA. Congratulations!!

  3. I know, Kiki, but failing that I promise to take pictures!