Sunday, May 11, 2008


Next week, I'll be in Syracuse, NY, speaking to participants in the 2008 E*Lit project. Requests and permissions have been flying back and forth from me and my publishers to students and their teachers who have used my work in wikis, video clips, dramatic presentations, and blogs. This blog, by fourth graders at Bellevue and McKinley Brighton Elementary school, is one of the many ways that young readers, writers, visual and performing artists have connected technology and reading. An unexpected treat for me was seeing children dancing to a song that I know from my own childhood growing up in a Tamil-speaking family in India.


  1. Uma, just wanted to let you know that for the 4th time, I'm using Chachaji's Cup as required reading in a children's lit course I'm teaching. Response the other times has been quite positive!

  2. Thanks for letting me know, jpm. I'm delighted to know that you and your students have found the book of interest.