Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gandhi Book Published in Two Continents

On October 2, the International Day for Non-violence, Picture Gandhi, a photobiography by Sandhya Rao, was simultaneously published by Tulika Books in Chennai, India, and in Johannesburg, South Africa. This matters, of course, because Gandhi began his journey in South Africa and because the violence in the shadow of which children are forced to live ought to be an international concern. The South African release was marked by a special ceremony on Constitution Hill, in the prison where Gandhi was once held.

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  1. I wanted to find a children's book about Gandhi when we lived in Japan, but at the time there was nothing good available. This looks like real, kid-friendly fun. I never knew that Gandhi liked comic books, but I'll bet that would impress my manga-devouring kids. And I'll have to try that chapati-pudding trick if I ever get around to making chapatis again.