Sunday, February 12, 2006

Three Places to Correct

I have been going to tai chi class for a little over two years. In the parlance of the Sifu I began with, that places me somewhere between being a "tourist" and becoming a student. This does not, however, stop the Si-hing who is now our instructor from putting us semi-inepts to work teaching the really green newbies who have just joined. So there I am zealously pointing out to someone things about her stance, her elbows, her breathing, her... And at this point the instructor very gently moves us into doing something else altogether. Later he says to me, "You might consider focusing on 3 things to correct, each time."

Moment of truth. I often have them in tai chi. I find many tai chi principles apply well to writing, because they seem to apply to life. I went home and tried this with my own work. I usually do that before trying this stuff out on others. I found it felt comfortable and more, it allowed me to make more changes in a work when I took them 3 at a time.

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